Do you want more business insights from your financials?

Are you concerned your bookkeeper isn't able to answer the questions you are asking?

Is your business is growing rapidly?

Are you looking for help to manage revenue and cash?

Do you want to have someone on your team with a financial mind?

Do you want to make a plan for financial growth?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then you are probably ready for the next level of financial services. BrightenUp Financial strives to help meet your needs where you are TODAY and where you want to be in the future. That’s why we have full service options for your business.

On-Demand Financial Consultations

You might be needing some immediate help with your business financials. Maybe you need some questions answered, need to prepare for a meeting, want to understand how to improve your monthly results, or just want some explanation on how to read your financials. This service is for you. Every business owner needs some financial support once in a while, and we are here to to be that support. A consultation includes:

  • A CPA to preview your financial statements before the call
  • 1 hour Zoom call with a CPA who specializes in Financial Statement analysis
  • Deep dive into your financial questions during the call
  • Recording of the session for you to listen again as needed

BrightenUp Full Finance Team

A medium to large business will have many parts to their finance team. A team is typically composed of a mix of the following positions: staff and senior accountants, payroll accountants, accounts receivable clerks, accounts payable clerks, managers, controllers, financial planning and analysis experts, tax experts, and ultimately, a CFO. All of these positions have a unique role and purpose in the finance department, and they are all helpful. But, most businesses will never be able to support a department this size, so we need to cover these functions on a more cost-effective and efficient scale.

The BrightenUp Finance Team gives you the benefits of this big-business finance department without the staggering cost.

Here's an example of a basic finance department organizational chart.
Here's an example of a basic finance department organizational chart.

This option gives your business the following services:

Initial Setup:

  • Setup and/or review accounting systems
  • Development of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Setup and Systemizing Account Payable

Annual Services:

  • Budgeting Assistance
  • Documentation of policies and procedures
  • Preparing and filing tax returns


Monthly basis:

  • Monthly record keeping and recording using the Accrual method of accounting
  • Accounts receivable monitoring and recording
  • Accounts Payable monitoring
  • Reporting of Financial Statements
  • Reporting of KPI’s
  • Cost Reduction advice and implementation
  • Regular communication with your account manager
  • CFO level communication to facilitate decision making
  • Payroll and employment taxes


BrightenUp CFO Service

This service is designed for businesses that want high-level and strategic financial assistance in managing their business. Basically, we come along side of you in the challenging task of running your business, and we become part of your decision-making team. With this service, BrightenUp will take financial statements developed by your own bookkeeper or accountant, and we will take the numbers and help translate them into actionable steps and information for a business owner. We can help with the following:

  • Monthly Analysis of Key Financial Information
  • Development and Reporting of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Forecasting and Budgeting for Future periods
  • Cost Reduction Advice and Implementation
  • Recommendations to Improve Financial Processes and Procedures
  • CFO Level Communication to Facilitate Decision Making


Bench Assistance: 

What if you don’t have your own bookkeeper? Well, we thought about that and have vetted a bookkeeping service provider called Bench. offers very affordable bookkeeping services, and they will keep track of all your activity, categorize it, and produce monthly financial statements. Bench provides pricing based on your business’ monthly expenses.

We perform the CFO functions above based on your Bench financials.


Our Service Guarantee

If you hire BrightenUp Financial for your business finances, we guarantee that we will provide your business value or our fees will be among the recommended cost reductions.

Not Sure Which is the Best Fit for Your Business?

Which service is best for you? What will get you the furthest ahead in your finances? We'd be happy to talk through things with you. Our consultation is free, and we aren't pushy sales people!