BrightenUp Financial was born out of a deep desire to see small business owners take control over their business finances and empower them to do amazing things with their businesses. We do love the numbers, but more than that, we want to see you achieve your business dreams. Healthy finances are key to achieving those dreams. We provide one-time and ongoing services to support your goals: 

Full Service Support

Growing businesses need growing levels of financial support. We can manage every financial aspect of your business with our full service suite or support  you in a "CFO" position to help you make the best financial decisions for your business. We're here for you when you need that extra support in your entrepreneurial journey.

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Financial Consultation

Do you have questions about your financial statements? Not sure what to do with them? Need help knowing what numbers are most important for YOUR business? Our 1 hour financial consultation is designed to help you in what your highest needs are right now. Book a consultation as you need the help.

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Financial Health Checkup

Have you ever wondered if you business is healthy financially? Do you wonder if you could survive a "business heart attack"? A financial health checkup helps you understand how your business is doing and what changes can be made to help your business become more financially secure and healthy.

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Lifting your financial burden

We are convinced that small business owners are the most essential part of our global economy. Yet, it's the huge companies that get the most financial help and attention. BrightenUp Financial aims to make those big-business insights available to the small business owner.

As a sole proprietor or entrepreneur, you may find yourself worrying about the money side of your business. Will I make a profit? Can I afford this rent? How much do I set aside for taxes? We want to take away that worry and free your head-space to be the creative, hard-working, go-getter that you are!


Let's discuss your business

Every business and business owner need help in different ways. I'd love to talk to you about your needs, challenges, and goals. The consultation is free, and we'd love to hear all about your business!